How to Prepare Chocolate for a Fountain

Updated February 21, 2017

Sheets of smoothly melted chocolate cascading over stacked, tiered bowls are an impressive sight. Holding a skewer with a marshmallow, strawberry or section of banana under the chocolate until it is completely enrobed makes for a delicious treat. Preparing the chocolate correctly is not only necessary for the fountain to work properly, but also for the chocolate to adhere well to the food placed under it. Chocolate chips with different qualities require different methods of preparation and produce different results. Chocolate chips that contain more than 40-percent cocoa require the addition of much less oil, which improves the flavour and ability of the chocolate to adhere to the food.

Heat water in the bottom pan of a double boiler until the water boils.

Pour 1 cup of vegetable oil into the top pan of the double boiler.

Add 1361gr. of premium chocolate chips that contain 40-percent cocoa to the vegetable oil. Stir the chocolate with a wire whisk while it heats to ensure that it melts smoothly.

Preheat the holding bowl of the chocolate fountain for three to five minutes before adding the melted chocolate.

Assemble the remainder of the chocolate fountain and turn it on to begin the tiered cascade of smoothly melted chocolate.


You can use a microwave instead of the double-boiler, but the double-boiler provides better control in melting the chocolate smoothly. Use a 12-inch wooden skewer for the snack food. Foods that work best in a chocolate fountain include squares of pound cake, strawberries, cherries, chunks of pineapple and banana.


Use foods that do not crumble or break apart. Crumbs will clog up the fountain and create problems. Remove stems or leaves of fruits before using them so that they do not clog up the fountain.

Things You'll Need

  • Chocolate fountain
  • Double boiler
  • Wire whisk
  • Premium chocolate
  • Vegetable oil
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