How to make a cutting table for sewing

Updated April 17, 2017

Having your own cutting table for sewing can be a real luxury. Rather than having your fabric slip and slide off a regular table, a sewing table will allow you to pin your pattern and its pieces to the table and cut around. Making a cutting table is relatively simple and can be done with an old table, some butcher paper and some cork board. In no time, you can be sewing on a stable, steady surface.

Measure your table, and buy enough cork board to cover the table.

Roll out the cork board on the table and gently iron it down, keeping the iron on the lowest setting.

Trim the cork board to fit the table. Make sure to trim close to the edges.

Staple down the cork board using the staple gun. Make sure the cork board is secure.

Lay out the brown butcher paper on the table and smooth it out. Fold the brown butcher paper under the table and staple it down using the staple gun, making sure the paper is smooth as you go.

Fold down the edges around the table neatly and trim away any excess butcher paper.

Use your table by positioning your fabric and pattern pieces with pins poked into the table.


You will want to refresh the butcher paper on your table whenever it tears or gets too many holes in it, which will be about once a year.

Things You'll Need

  • Old table
  • Cork board
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Brown butcher paper
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