How to Starch Crinolines

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Crinolines, sometimes referred to as petticoats, are netted underskirts used to create a fluffy bell-shape under a skirt. While these were originally a construction of linen and horsehair starched with sugar water, modern crinolines have evolved to net construction and liquid starch maintenance. If you're attending a Civil War re-enactment or 1950s-style party, you'll need a crinoline under your skirt an authentic look. Knowing how to properly starch a crinoline allows you to wash and prepare your crinolines at home, saving the costs of a dry cleaner or professional costumier.

Mix equal parts of water and liquid starch in the bathtub, laundry sink or washtub. Stir with a wooden spoon until completely blended.

Immerse the crinoline completely in the liquid. Squeeze the starch through the fabric with your hands until all parts of the garment have been saturated.

Remove the crinoline from the liquid and use clothespins to attach the garment to a wire hanger or clothesline. Allow to drip-dry over the tub or over newspapers. Lightly shape with your hands and allow to completely air dry.

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