How to Make an Anniversary Card

Updated February 21, 2017

Anniversaries are something we all like to celebrate. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, a first date anniversary or any other significant event, an anniversary is a celebration of a long-term commitment between people. A card is a traditional way to mark an anniversary, and making it yourself means celebrating the event in a personal way. With the use of a home computer and printer it's easy to make a card that will be a treasured memento.

Determine the tone of your card. An anniversary card can be romantic, nostalgic or humorous, and depending on your relationship---spouse, family or friend---your choice should be appropriate. Deciding on your tone will make your other selections easier.

Use quotes, poems or other relevant text. A romantic or nostalgic card might include a romantic poem or a copy of the personalised wedding vows the couple took. A humorous card may rely on your own sense of humour or "borrow" a funny saying from a store-bought card.

Gather some digital images. You may want to include a photo of the anniversary couple both then (at the time of the wedding) and now, so search your own or friends' digital files to find exactly what you need before you begin. You may also want to include an image of a place that is special to the couple; for example, if they got married in Mexico, you may want to include some images of Mexico.

Open your word processing program or desktop publishing software. Most publishing software will have some basic greeting card templates, so select a size that matches your card blanks.

Create the front of the card. Use a photo of the couple or some other kind of artwork to catch the eye. You can do a digital collage, including then and now photos plus images of the couple's kids and other important life accomplishments or symbols. In most publishing programs you will go to "Insert" then "File" or "Browse" to find your images. Place and rotate or resize using your program's tools.

Type in the text for the inside of the card. Here you can enter your romantic poem or humorous sentiment, and even add more images if you desire. Type in all the text in your default font, then highlight your text and change to a more artistic or readable font and size.

Place your card blank into your printer and go to the "Print" command in your software. Adjust your printing settings to match the card stock and use the "Best" quality setting to make your images look great. Print the front and back of your card.

Flip and rotate your card stock as indicated by your printer guidelines to print the inside of your card. You may want to practice this on a piece of plain paper first to make sure you have the card stock set up correctly. When you are ready, print the inside of your card.

Make your anniversary card even more special by printing something on the envelope as well. You can use clip art or more photos of the anniversary couple by opening up an envelope template that matches your stock. If you don't have a template, simply create a Page Setup to match the dimensions of your envelope and save it as "Card Envelope Template" so you will have it for future use. Insert a graphic under the return address area and print.


Be sure you have plenty of coloured ink for your printer. Running low on ink can affect the colour and quality of your images.


Double check all of your spelling before printing your cards. Print a sample on regular printer paper before using card stock to insure proper placement of your text and images.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank card stock
  • Digital images
  • Familiar quotes or poems
  • Desktop publishing program like Microsoft Word or Print Explosion
  • Colour printer
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