How to Sell Die-Cast Cars

Updated February 21, 2017

If you collect die-cast cars as a hobby, at some point you may want to sell a few of them. If you are new to die-cast car collecting, you may not know where or how to sell your cars. Knowing the right places to sell your cars can greatly influence the amount of money you can get for your die-cast cars. Here are a few of the best locations online to sell your die-cast cars.

Sell your cars on is a company that will allow you to post your die-cast cars and put it up for auction. is a huge die-cast car collectors auction website that reaches millions of people and can allow your die-cast car to be seen worldwide. You can also sell your entire collection straight to If you do not know the value of your die-cast car, it can help you to price and list your cars. You can find a link to the website in the resources section below.

List your die-cast cars locally. is a massive website that has extensive appraisal prices for every die-cast car. You can price your die-cast cars using the tools on and sell your cars in your local newspaper. You will have better luck selling your die-cast cars in newspaper classifieds, posting them in lots rather than individually. You can find a link to in the resources section.

Create a web page to sell your cars. You can set up a simple static web page where you can display your die-cast cars that you want to sell. There are many websites that offer basic web pages, such as Basic Templates, that will enable you to generate a single display page. You can also create a PayPal account, which people can use to by their die-cast cars from you. At PayPal, you can generate buttons to put on your web page that show the buyer where to click to purchase your cars. You can find a link to PayPal in the resources section.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
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  • Die-cast cars
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