How to change eye color without surgery

Updated March 23, 2017

Although some people may only want to accentuate the natural colour of their eyes, others actually want to change their eye colour. Rather than go the route of an invasive surgical procedure to change your eye colour permanently, there is a safer and less costly alternative. You can instantly change the colour of your eyes by wearing colour contact lenses. Colour lenses are an affordable and easy way to give your eyes a different yet natural-looking colour.

Schedule an appointment with an eye-care professional, as a prescription is required for colour contact lenses whether or not you have vision problems. Although colour contacts are available to people who may have excellent eyesight, the lenses still need to be fitted properly. The optometrist must also make sure that wearing contacts will not cause any future problems with your eyes. Colour contact lenses are even available for those who have astigmatism or need bifocals.

Make your own eye colour more intense by wearing enhancement-tinted contact lenses. The translucent tint changes eye colour by enhancing the natural colour of your eyes. Since this type of lens does not really change the colour of your eyes, enhancement tints usually work best for people with light-coloured eyes who only want to deepen their natural eye colour. Enhancement lenses, which are available in tints of blue, green or grey, can make your own eye colour look brighter or simply give your eyes a subtler, slightly different hue.

Change your eye colour completely with opaque tinted contact lenses. Although individuals who have either light or dark eyes can wear opaque lenses, people who have brown eyes normally wear this type of colour lens. Opaque lenses are usually available in shades of blue, green, grey or brown.

Ask your eye doctor to prescribe disposable colour lenses, especially if you are not sure about the colour. That way, you can replace them in a few weeks and try another shade if the colour turns out not to be right for you. Both enhancement lenses and opaque colour contacts come as weekly or monthly disposables, depending on the brand name. Some colour contacts such as Acuvue 2 Colors, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, are FDA-approved and can be worn continuously for a week, even while you are sleeping. Disposable colour contacts may also be healthier for your eyes than traditional colour lenses because you are replacing them more often.


Select from a variety of colours. Although exact shades may vary among manufacturers, most colour contact lenses are a mix of several different shades in order to achieve a more natural-looking base eye colour. For this reason, a quality opaque colour lens normally appears darker at the edge and lighter toward the middle. Certain colours of lenses also add shimmer to your eyes.


Vision can be slightly affected at night when the pupil of the eye changes to accommodate varying light conditions and becomes larger than the clear centre of a colour contact lens.

Things You'll Need

  • Prescription for contact lenses
  • Contact lens solution
  • Contact lens case
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