How to Make a Fairy House

Updated February 21, 2017

It's a well-known fact that fairies expect to have accommodations awaiting them when they show up. To this end, if you want fairies to drop in, you must provide them with suitable, comfortable housing. You create a fairy house any way you like just as long as it is inviting and tucked away in a quiet place.

Find an area in the woods, in a meadow, on the beach or in the backyard. Choose a quiet location away from the road or where a lot of people walk. Look for a spot close to the ground, like the roots of an old tree or in the low branches of a bush.

Collect natural materials to build the fairy house. Look for small sticks, pieces of bark, pretty pebbles and shells, pinecones, dry grasses, leaves, seaweed, beach glass, small bits of driftwood, nuts and seeds. Choose material that reflects the location.

Arrange the materials in an artful way around the special location selection for the fairy house. Push sticks into soft earth to build walls or fashion a lean-to.

Use little branches and weave pine needles or long grasses in them to make a roof. Create a different kind of roof by setting long sticks across the tops of the walls and covering them with pieces of bark.

Create a twig ladder. Decorate with shells, nuts, leaves and other things that fairies would find pretty. Line a path to the house with pebbles. Make the fairy house blend into the surroundings so that it is almost hidden.

Leave the fairy house undisturbed so that fairies can come and go without worry. Remember that fairies are very neat and rarely disturb their surroundings, so it's difficult to tell when they last visited the house.


Respect the environment. Don't disturb living plants or remove living moss. Fairies are always very careful not to harm living and growing things.

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