How to Authenticate a Tag Heuer Watch

Updated April 17, 2017

Tag Heuer watches are some of the most often replicated watches around. However, because they are the most expensive designer watches, fakes are often cheap and fairly easy to spot. Here are several things to look for that will help you authenticate a Tag Heuer watch.

Check the quality of the craftsmanship. Examine the printing on the face of the watch. A real Tag Heuer watch has crisp, clean printing. A fake may have fuzzy printing and/or the letters may run together. Also, look for glue showing through anywhere or rough edges. A real Tag Heuer will be perfect and smooth.

Look under the crystal. If there are fingerprints, dirt, hair, or anything else under the glass that covers the watch face, it's a fake. Tag Heuer has very strict quality controls that forgers don't.

Examine the luminosity of the printing on the face. You should be able to read the time in the dark because Tag Heuer uses LumiNova on the numbers and hands of the watch. Fakes use low quality material that doesn't hold a charge for long and isn't as bright. Hold the watch up to a light for a minute or two to charge it. Then look at in the dark. If the glow is strong and it lingers, it's probably authentic.

Find the words "Swiss Made" on the bottom of the face. Some fakes actually say "Japanese Movement," which is not printed on any real Tag Heuer watches.

Check the band for links. Just look for a left and right piece to each of the links. Fakes will have solid links, or they may have a line on them that's supposed to fool you into thinking the links are two pieces.


If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. View the Tag Heuer website before purchasing your watch. The site features great close up photos of watches.


Occasionally, you'll run across very good fakes. Sometimes the only way to authenticate your watch is by comparing it side-by-side to the real thing.

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