How to pack a business suit in a suitcase

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you're a jet-setting playboy or a business woman on the go, travelling can not only be stressful, but wrinkly. Do you have an event you're travelling to and you need a pristine suit? Do you not want the hassle of ironing or steaming your garment once you check into your hotel? If you pack your suit properly your suit will come out of the bag ready to wear without a wrinkle or crease on it.

Hang your garment on a suit hanger. The jacket and shirt should be hung together with the trousers or skirt folded neatly on the rang below. If your hanger features clips, clip the top of the skirt or trousers to the hanger.

Cover your suit in a thin plastic garment bag.

Fold the entire suit in half horizontally, with the bottom folded over the top, and place it in the suitcase. Depending on the size of your suitcase and the type of hanger used, you may need to fold the bottom over again.

Pack the suitcase tightly with the rest of your clothing and make use of any garment straps your suitcase might offer. The key is to keep the suit from moving during travel. The less jostling around, the better.

After your flight, unfold the suit and it will be as good as new, ready to wear without a crease or fold on it.


Padded suit hangers work best for lessening creases and wrinkles on your garment while still holding its shape. Folding a cotton T-shirt with your suit will provide extra padding and can minimise creases. Packing your garment in a carry-on suitcase rather than one to be checked will decrease the risk of your bag being bumped around or jostled.

Things You'll Need

  • Suit
  • Suitcase
  • Plastic garment bag
  • Suit hanger
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