How to Build a Corner TV Shelf

Updated February 21, 2017

The most inexpensive and convenient method of acquiring a corner TV shelf that will fit into the most awkward of corners is by custom making the shelf yourself. Corner TV shelves are convenient because they leave ample wall space for other functions. The TV is also angled where all can view the TV easily from different parts of the room.

Measure the television; measure both the length and breadth of the TV. Add about 5 inches to each measurement to make your shelf.

Measure the proposed shelf beginning from the corner. Mark the wall where you want the shelf to begin and where you want the shelf to end. The measurements do not necessarily have to be the same.

Buy 3 to 4 circular boards of strong lumber for the support shelf. Buy 2 to 3 pieces of circular plywood with the radius of the point between the two walls to be fixed on the lumber. The radius will be the length of the shelf at the centre. You will have two radii for the sides because of two different measurements of each side of the shelf along the two walls.

Cut the lumber boards with the table saw based on the two measurements. Make a point where two radii can meet at the corner and cut the lumber. The shape will be like a cone.

Measure the plywood, which will form the surface of the shelf. Mark a point in the centre that will meet in the corner. Measure two radii to meet in the centre. Draw two lines to meet at the centre. Cover the lines with masking tape. Cut the plywood with a table saw along the masking tape. Cut two boards of plywood to the same size. Glue them together.

Find wall studs using the electronic wall stud finder. Mark the wall studs. Begin on either side. Screw the two base lumber boards to the corner walls based on the measurements. Use the level to make sure that the shelf is parallel to the ground. Hammer the conical lumber board to the base boards along the wall until the shelf sits firm. Apply pressure on the shelf. A TV is heavy equipment, and you must make sure that the shelf can bear the weight. Drill a hole at a point where you wish to conceal the wires.

Glue the cut plywood to the base lumber board after removing any masking tape that is sticking to it. You can use small nails and screws along the edges if you prefer. Drill a hole directly over the hole in the lumber base shelf for the wires to go through.

Paint the shelf to match the room. If you would like a natural look, coat the shelf with clear polyurethane. When the paint or clear varnish is completely dry, you can put the TV on the shelf. Put the wires through the hole and secure them neatly with clamps along the wall.


You can use I-shaped steel brackets instead of lumber boards to hold the shelf; the brackets must be strong enough to hold the weight of the TV. If you use decorative lumber like cedar lumber, you may not need plywood for the surface. By drilling the hole in the plywood after it is fixed on the base shelf, you can avoid splintering the plywood.


Always find wall studs before fixing the base board. If you fix the base board on any other part of the wall, the shelf will not be secure. Check whether the lumber has the strength to bear the TV before buying it.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 to 4 circular boards of strong lumber
  • 2 to 3 pieces of circular plywood
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil or marker
  • Circular table saw
  • Screws and nails
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Electronic wall stud finder
  • Glue
  • Clamps for wires
  • Level
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