How to Carve Wood With Power Tools

Updated March 23, 2017

Wood carving is an art that has been around for generations. It used to be done with a simple knife and a block of wood, but there is a trend these days toward applying power tools to the job. There are many power tools available today that help amateur and professional wood carvers alike create their carvings more efficiently and with precision.

Use a power chisel and power grinder to accomplish the carving the main shape from your wood block. Cut the rough shape with the power chisel and use the grinder to smooth and define. You can use the power grinder for cutting as well, particularly when you need to cut very hard timber. You can purchase all-in-one power units with various blade and grinding attachments that will allow you do all of your rough work with a single power tool.

Use a small power cutter or rotary tool for detail work. An example of this is the Dremel rotary tool. These tools are lightweight and easy to operate. They use various size bits and burrs to allow you to achieve your desired result. It's a good idea to experiment with different tools before you buy. You want a handheld cutter that doesn't vibrate a lot.

Add a nice finishing touch with woodburning. A lot of woodcarvers prefer to use hand tools to create the intricate details that finish a piece off, but using a woodburner to accomplish the task adds a degree of realism and depth that will give your completed carving an exceptional, well finished look.


Power tools can be dangerous and should only be used with adult supervision

Things You'll Need

  • Mini-grinder
  • Power chisel
  • Belt sander
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