How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

Bay windows are popular features in many homes. Often these windows have a window seat as well. This can be an attractive spot to accessorise with curtains, cushions and pillows. Don't let the challenge of window hardware frighten you away from drawing attention to this lovely spot in your home. There are some creative options for bay window hardware that are attractive and fairly easy to install.

Assess the bay window and how you would like to approach curtains. You could hang three separate curtain panels. One panel would hang on each window separately from three separate curtain rods. Or, you could use a special bay curtain rod that will cover the entire bay window as one window.

Measure and prepare to hang the curtain rods, if you choose to hang curtains on three separate curtain rods. The two outside rods should be hung at the same height and the rod on the middle window should be slightly higher. Using a power drill and the hardware included with the rods, hang the three curtain rods.

Get help if you choose to hang curtains on one bay curtain rod. A bay curtain rod is an adjustable track that can be bent to conform to the contour of the bay windows, so the draperies hang along one rod instead of three separate rods. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for hanging the bay curtain rod. Use the included hardware and drill holes with the electric drill to firmly secure it in the woodwork.

Select the desired curtains according to the window solution chosen. If you installed three separate rods, measure each window separately and select three separate window covering panels. If you installed one bay window rod, measure the entire bay window area together and select one window covering for the entire bay window.

Slide the curtains onto the rods and install the rods with the curtains hanging from them. Adjust the curtains to make them hang evenly along the rods.

Add tie backs if desired for a decorative touch. Tie-backs go at the approximate level of a window seat if one exists. If no window seat exists at the bay window, the height of the tie-backs is entirely based on your preference. They can be adjusted higher or lower according to your desire.


A local home store can be helpful for deciding which option to choose for a bay window area. Also helpful is "The Complete Guide to Doors & Windows," published by Black & Decker (see Resources).

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Bay curtain rods or separate curtain rods
  • Hardware for hanging rods
  • Drill
  • Curtains
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