How to cook a ham in an electric roaster

Updated November 22, 2016

An electric roaster is a good way to expand your cooking options in the kitchen, especially if the oven is needed for baking. While roasting a ham is often more a case of simply heating it for the table, as opposed to cooking, it can be time-consuming.

Cooking times for ham is roughly 18-24 minutes per pound for a half ham, and 10-12 minutes per pound for a whole ham. This is based on a cooking temperature of 176 degrees C, but you should monitor your ham, as an electric roaster often cooks much more quickly than a conventional oven.

Preheat your electric roaster to 176 degrees C.

Place the ham in the electric roaster, fat side up.

Add water to the roaster until the bottom 1/2 inch of the ham is sitting in it.

Cover the ham and set your timer for the appropriate time, based on the weight and cut (whole or half) of your ham.

Check your ham periodically during the cooking time; the electric roaster is sometimes more efficient than a conventional oven. Also monitor the water level during cooking, adding more as necessary.

Apply a glaze to the ham 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time, if desired.

Insert your digital meat thermometer into the centre of the ham. Once it reads 60 degrees C, remove the ham from the electric roaster.

Allow the ham to rest, covered in aluminium foil, for 15 minutes.


Do not leave your electric roaster unattended.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric roaster
  • Whole or half fully cooked boneless ham
  • Water
  • Digital meat thermometer
  • Kitchen timer
  • Aluminium foil
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