How to Make Your Computer Screen Smaller When Using Mouse Hunt

MouseHunt is a Facebook gaming application that you can play online with other Facebook users. The object of the game is to catch mice for experience and special in-game items by sounding a hunting horn every 15 minutes. Players sound the horn by clicking the horn icon on the MouseHunt Facebook page, therefore, players often wish to leave the browser window open to the MouseHunt page. You can change the screen size of the browser window so that you can see the horn on the MouseHunt page while doing other things on your computer.

Launch your computer's Internet browser.

Log into your Facebook account, then click "MouseHunt" from the list of Facebook apps in the left menu. You will see the MouseHunt page, including the hunter's horn.

Click the "Window" icon in the top right corner of your browser window. This will be the middle button, between the "Minimize" and the "Maximize." When you click this, your browser will become a window that you can resize and move around.

Click the top bar of the browser window and drag it all the way to the right or left side of the screen. Windows will automatically shrink the window to half the size of your screen and snap it to that side of your monitor display.

Click and drag the scrollbar at the bottom of the browser screen to position the MouseHunt page where you can easily see the hunter's horn. You can now leave the browser window open at half the size so you can still see the horn while performing other tasks on your computer in other windows.

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