How to Spot Fake Chanel Sunglasses

Updated April 17, 2017

Selling replica or knock-off versions of designer products is a legal practice, but peddling fakes--items that are intended to dupe customers into thinking they are buying the real thing--is not. Unless you buy your Chanel sunglasses directly from a Chanel store or an authorised dealer, you can't be sure that you're purchasing a legitimate pair of glasses. Inspect the product carefully at the time of purchase and use a credit card to buy it. Charging the item enables you to dispute the charge with your bank if a retailer sold you a fake Chanel item.

Consider the cost. Chanel sunglasses cost approximately £130 to £260 per pair. Ask the seller why or how they are able to offer the product for such a reduced price.

Scrutinise the overall quality and design of the sunglasses. They are a luxury item. They shouldn't be scratched or flimsy, nor should the frames appear brittle.

Look at the metal logo on the lenses. It should be two interlocking C's with their backs to each other. Are they scraped, misshapen or dull? Do they look too big or too small for the frames? Designer imposters tend to get the logos wrong on their products.

Check the outside of the left lens, near the outer edge. There should be a small, vertical serial number that has two letters and seven digits in it.

Examine the inside of the sunglasses' arms. There should be numbers that identify the bridge size, arm length, colour code and model number. The words "Made in Italy" should also be printed on one of the arms.

Look at the top of the lenses. "CHANEL" should be written in small type on both of them.

Ask for the accessory box. Genuine Chanel sunglasses come with a box of items that includes a cleaning pouch and a hard case for the glasses.

Request the warranty booklet and the authenticity certificate. If the seller stalls or tries to get out of providing them for you, heed that red flag.

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