How to make a balloon arch with fishing line

Updated February 21, 2017

Balloon arches used for birthday parties or ceremonies can be tailored to meet the mood of the event. Brightly coloured balloons arched over a doorway create a festive atmosphere to children's parties, while elegant silver and blue balloons create a more sophisticated setting, appropriate for weddings, anniversaries and graduations. Valentine's parties decorated with a pink and red arch set the mood for romance. The basic design is created from an assortment of balloons and fishing line.

Calculate the number of balloons needed for the arch by measuring the total length of the arch and planning for six balloons per foot. An 8-foot doorway that is 4-feet wide will require 120 balloons to create a cluster arch.

Select the colour scheme for the party and purchase medium-sized round balloons in the colour of choice. Although you can certainly create an arch of multicoloured balloons that appeals to young children, alternating colours creates a stunning display.

Blow up the balloons, using care that all balloons are the same size. You can make a quick template by cutting a hole in a piece of cardboard to the desired size. Simply slip the balloon into the hole to check it is the right size.

Attach fishing line to the area where you desire to make the balloon arch. Using an existing door frame or archway makes this project quick and easy. Use staples to secure the line in place.

Tie balloons together by the ends to create a pair of balloons. Twist two sets to create a set of four balloons. Starting at one end of the archway, twist a balloon cluster onto the fishing line by sliding one balloon under the fishing line and bringing it to the front. Twist the balloon with the remaining balloons in the cluster. Repeat until the entire arch is filled.


For this type of arch, helium balloons do not provide an advantage and would add to the cost of making the arch.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloons
  • Fishing line
  • Staple gun/tacks
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