How to Clean Plastic Fish Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating your own unique fish aquarium can be a rewarding experience. And watching your fish swim around in a serene landscape is one of the most relaxing forms of entertainment. While a tank of natural greens looks fantastic, you can develop a habitat just as beautiful for your pet fish with the plastic variety of plants. You will need to maintain your tank to keep it looking clean and bright. This includes cleaning your plastic plants, keeping them free of algae and debris.

Gently remove your plastic plants from your tank. You will want to do this gently, because a hasty removal can disrupt the habitat.

Place the plants in the sink and give them a good rinse with warm water.

Once they are rinsed well, fill the sink with very hot water and let the plants soak for several hours. The soaking will help remove the algae and gunk that has formed.

After soaking, you can take a clean sponge and go over any debris that soaking did not remove.

Finally, another good rinse of warm running water should have them looking as good as new. Set them aside to dry, then place the plants back into the clean tank.


Never use soap to clean the plants. Any leftover soap particles left on plastic plants can contaminate the tank, throw off the PH and harm your fish.

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