How to make a schedule in excel

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Excel is a great application to use if you need to create a spreadsheet, make a chart or calculate formulas. However, you may not realise that Excel is also a helpful tool for organising in general. Besides using Excel to generate agendas, make employee time sheets, create calendars and build inventories, you can also make an easily readable schedule for all of your employees.

Open Microsoft Excel. click the "File" menu and choose "New."

Go to the "Available Templates" section and the Templates area.

Preview a schedule template by clicking on it. Once you have found the one that fits your requirements, click the "Download" button. The schedule will open as a new Excel worksheet.

Change existing text in the schedule template by double-clicking on the cell that contains the text you want to alter. Select the existing text using your mouse or the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-A." Type over the existing sample text with the information you need on the schedule.

Modify the colour of a cell by clicking the cell to select it. Right-click and choose "Format Cells." Go to the "Patterns" tab and choose the hue you want in the Cell Shading Color section. Click the colour and click "OK" to apply it to the cell.

Adjust the font in any cell by clicking the cell to activate it, and right-clicking and choosing "Format Cells." Go to the "Fonts" tab and choose a font type, style, size and colour, and apply any effects you choose. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Press "Ctrl-S" to save your schedule. Provide a name for the worksheet and navigate to the location where you want it saved.

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