How to install a cassette toilet

Updated April 17, 2017

Motor homes are a wide growing addition to many people's vehicle collections because of all the benefits that accompany them. They make travel for the whole family easy with the added luxuries of the comfort of the personal touch that can be added in the furnishings and set up. Whether they are being used for just travelling from one destination to the other, camping or as secondary home when away on business, motor homes are a convenient vehicle to own. To make these homes fully enjoyable and functional they have in-house bathrooms set up. One major type that is used is the cassette toilet.

Check the area designated in your motor home for the bathroom area for the external connections of your central water system. Make sure the valves are clean and working properly.

Set the cassette toilet flat against the wall where the external hosing connection is to the outside of your camper.

Connect the blade valve to the main central water system hosing. Ensure the seals are secure, connected without any leaks. To help seal, rub olive oil on the seals.

Attach the permanent toilet section to the wall and floor using attaching brackets and screws. Attach all areas securely.

Install the removable waste tank into the main permanent section of the toilet.

Add water to the toilet from the outside of the motor home through the access door and turn the water filling funnel outwards and remove the cap.

Add the appropriate amount of Thetford toilet fluid according to the model you have through the water filling funnel. Once filled, turn the funnel back inward and close the cap.

Run water through the toilet by pressing the flush button once. The blade valve can be open or closed. The toilet is now ready to use.


Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning because they can damage your toilet.


Empty the waste container as soon as the full meter indicator goes from green to red, at a proper waste disposal location.

Things You'll Need

  • Olive oil
  • Thetford bathroom cleaner
  • Screwdriver
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