How to Make a Fundraising Thermometer

If you need a fundraising thermometer for an organization, company or school event, know that you don't need to waste money by buying an expensive pre-made one. Fundraising thermometers are cheap and easy to make. The best thing about them is that most of the materials can already be found in your home and the end product works just as well as anything you could buy at a store.

Get a tall piece of white poster board. Gather a pencil and markers of different colors including black and red.

Outline the shape of an old-fashioned mercury thermometer on the poster board. Make it look like a genuine thermometer by defining the bulb and the column inside the thermometer that contains mercury. Once you have perfected the outline, use markers to trace and define it and fill the bottom of the thermometer with red marker so that it looks like the mercury is ready to rise.

Identify the sides of the thermometer where temperature degrees would usually be. Take your marker and write down varying amounts of money starting from the bottom. Use ticks like you would normally see on a thermometer. You may start with zero and, depending on how much money you intend to raise and collect, increase the increments in your chosen denomination.

Write your goal amount at the top of the thermometer in bold red.

Begin collecting money. Every time you reach another increment of money, raise the mercury level of your thermometer by filling in the column to reflect your new amount of money.

Keep collecting money and filling in your thermometer with red marker until you reach your monetary goal.


Consider using a simple web application to create a fundraising thermometer if your business or organization has a website.

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