Where to sell used computers

Updated February 21, 2017

When you upgrade to a new computer, the question often arises of what to do with the old one. It shouldn't be thrown away, not only because it would be a waste of money but also because the computer contains toxic materials that do not belong in a landfill. The best option would be to sell it, but who would buy your old system instead of buying a new one of their own? You would be surprised how many people will put that old computer to good use. Keep reading to learn where to sell used computers.

Place a classified advertisement in the local newspaper. You will ideally want to sell your computer to someone in your local area, and the best way to reach a local audience is through the newspaper. All newspapers have a section in the classified ads to list items for sale, which is a great place to let people know about your computer. Follow the link to "The Paperboy" in the resources section to research what newspapers are in your local area.

Post a copy of your ad on Having a copy of your classified ad on craigslist is just like having it in the local newspaper, except it is online instead of in print. In many ways it is better than the newspaper. Craigslist is free, and also allows you to upload pictures of the used computer you want to sell. A link has been placed in the resources section for your convenience.

Check with computer repair shops in your area. You can find these by referring to the yellow pages of your telephone directory. Repair shops are typically more than happy to buy used computers. If the computer is in decent shape, they will refurbish it and put it up for sale in their store. If not, they will break it down for parts and use the components in other computers that they repair. Either way, these are great places to sell your used computer equipment.

Use the services of a technology recovery business. Companies like Capitol Asset Recovery pride themselves on being in the business of recovering trailing edge technology. These businesses will buy your used computer and refurbish it. The computer will then be sold or donated to someone who would not otherwise be able to have a computer of their own. A link to Capitol Asset Recovery can be found in the resources section, below.


If your computer is being sold for parts, you can make some extra cash by recovering the gold inside the computer before you sell the remaining components.

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