How to decorate a fireplace with candles

Updated February 21, 2017

When you think of decorating with candles, decorative candle gardens and beautiful stained glass candle holders probably come to mind. If you prefer a more elegant look, then you may envision candelabras or shining brass or silver candleholders holding glowing tapers. However, you probably do not envision them in your fireplace. Particularly for those who live in a warm climate, decorating a fireplace with candles can make a room feel cosy and dramatically increase the level of use that your hearth gets throughout the year.

Consider decorating with a grate or screen. While these items generally encompass your entire fireplace decor because they are so large, they are also practical and easy to use. Candle grates are simply regular fireplace grates with points on the ends of every piece of metal that would usually hold the wood in place. You impale thick pillar candles on these points, then light the candles for a warm, fiery glow in the actual fireplace. Candle screens tend to hold a lot of tea lights and have decorative metal creations like flowers or wooded scenes that are back lit by the candlelight when the tea lights are lit. Both of these options are good because they are so simple, but you will not have the fun of designing your own candle fireplace decor with either of these items.

Place several large glass vases holding candles and glass marbles or pebbles in the fireplace. You will probably need to remove the grate completely for this look. Pile several inches worth of coloured glass marbles and decorative pebbles into the vases. Then, place a pillar candle in the vase and continue to layer the colours until the pillar is about halfway surrounded. When you light the candle, the different colours will show clearly and the glass facets in the vases will reflect the light around the hearth, creating the look of a cosy fire.

Accent the heart with large, round candles in saucers. The saucers can be elevated on pillars or simply set on the bricks in front of the fireplace. The unusual shape will make them interesting to look at, and round candles glow like cosy globes when they are lit. The size of the candles that you use will depend largely on the size of your fireplace. Be sure to move them before you light the fire or they will probably melt.

Scatter tea lights on the mantle or in the fireplace itself. Twenty or 30 tea lights in coloured glass holders make a beautiful rainbow vista in your fireplace. You will also need to remove the grate for this look. If you do not want to place the candles in the fireplace, then place them randomly on the mantle.


Never leave candles burning unattended, even if they are located in your fireplace.

Things You'll Need

  • Large glass vases
  • Decorative glass marbles in assorted colours
  • Decorative rocks and pebbles
  • Pillar candles
  • Large round candles
  • Saucer candle holders
  • Tealights
  • Glass tea light holders (assorted colours)
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