How to adjust laptop fan speed

Updated February 21, 2017

A laptop is preferred by many people as it provides flexibility and mobility. Students, company employees and homemakers use laptops to study, do their work and pay their bills. Just like desktops, laptops have maintenance needs and addressing them can make the laptop function better. Sometimes you need to adjust the fan speed of your laptop.

Check your laptop make and model and research how to adjust the fan speed. There is no single, universal way to do this, so finding the exact model will help you do your research. Some brands have tips written in the user's manual.

Check your laptop's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) to see if the fan speed is available. The BIOS provides an interface for a computer's hardware and software. This is where you can find the basic settings of the computer. On many laptops, you can go to the BIOS by performing a shutdown, then restarting your computer and pressing "F10" on your keyboard. You can change the settings from there by toggling the drop-down menu or prompt. Once done, click "Save."

Check if there is a chipset driver for a fan installed on your laptop. If there is one, you can adjust the laptop speed from there. The chipset is what controls the fan, network adaptors and sound and video controllers. You can find chipsets on your computer's motherboard.

Download software to adjust fan speed if you cannot adjust it from your computer's BIOS. Before purchasing the software, check first if it is compatible with your laptop.

Use the software carefully. Your laptop manufacturer may not support the software you are purchasing, so you may be using it at your own risk and you could violate your warranty by doing so.

Download CoreDuoTemp or smcFanControl to adjust the laptop fan speed of an Apple laptop such as the MacBook. Both of them will allow you to monitor and control the speed of your fan as well as the temperature.

Adjust the RPM (revolutions per minute) of your active fan speed by sliding the mark to the right. You can also adjust the temperature this way.


If you are unable to control the fan speed on your laptop, you can keep your laptop cool by using a portable laptop cooler. You can place your laptop on top of it while in use.


Remember that you are using the downloaded software at your own risk, so be very careful before using it.

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