How to Remove Squirrels From Inside Your Roof or Attic

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are a homeowner, you may have to battle squirrels taking up residence in your attic at some point in time. Squirrels are notorious for finding their way inside roofs and attics, and making nests from insulation and other materials. They also will gnaw through electrical cables, which is a serious fire hazard. Squirrels can also carry dangerous diseases, such as leptospirosis that can cause renal failure in humans. For all these reasons, you need to remove the squirrels as quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is by trapping them.

Locate the area in your roof or attic that the squirrels are using as an entrance. Once you find the entrance, go up into the attic to that location. Observe the area for signs of squirrel activity, such as destroyed insulation, droppings, and food scraps. Find a place in the area where you can place a live trap or two.

Load the live trap with bait. Peanut butter works very well as bait for squirrels. If your trap does not have a specific bait tray, you can simply spread some peanut butter on a few small pieces of bread. Toss the peanut butter bread into the very back of the trap so the squirrel has to walk over the trigger to get to it.

Place the live trap in the area of squirrel activity. If there is enough room, you can set out two traps and possibly catch more than one squirrel at a time.

Leave the area. Check the traps regularly for any captured squirrels. If you set the traps out in the evening, be sure to check them first thing in the morning. Check the traps again as soon as you get home from work.

Transport the squirrel in the trap to a section of woods or a state park several miles away with suitable squirrel habitat. Set the trap on the ground near some trees. Open the trap and step back, the squirrel should run out and climb up a tree.

Cover the entrance to the inside of your roof or attic with wire mesh once you have trapped all the squirrels that are invading house. Carefully climb up a ladder, and nail the wire mesh over the opening in the roof. If their is a gash in the siding that you cannot hammer nails into, you can fill the hols using canned foam insulation. Hold the nozzle of the can to the opening, and fill the hole with foam insulation. The foam will harden as it dries, preventing any more squirrels from entering.


If you do not wish to buy live traps, you can call your local animal control department or an animal shelter and ask them if you can borrow a trap.


It is usually illegal to shoot squirrels in the city limits, plus it is dangerous to shoot inside your attic.

Things You'll Need

  • Live traps
  • Bait (peanut butter)
  • Ladder
  • Wire mesh
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Canned foam insulation
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