How to Apply for a Government Grant Online

Updated March 23, 2017

There are tons of government grants available for everything from research, non-profit organisations, and even business loans. The

difficult part is finding and applying for the government grants you need. With the help of the Internet, you can find and apply for government grants easily online.

Type "online government grants" in any online search engine. This will help you find the different websites that allow you to apply for government grants online.

Choose a website with a government address such as This will ensure that your information will be entered into a secure governmental site.

Register on the website as an individual or organisation. This will require a username and password that you will need once your online grant application is complete.

Download Adobe Reader if your computer or laptop does not have it. You will need Adobe to download the application you need in order to apply for a government grant online.

Enter the identification number or code that references the specific grant for which you are applying. You will be asked to enter this information before you can download the application. If you are unsure of this information, search for the grant you want on the website and retrieve the number.

Download the online government grant application form.

Save the application on your computer. You have the option of completing the application online or offline.

Fill out all information required in your online grant application.

Submit your completed application to the site from which it was downloaded.


Allow several weeks before checking on the status of your application. Keep your identification number or code, because you will need it to track your application. Double check for errors.


Failure to complete application in its entirety can result in denial of the grant. If you register as an individual, you must re-register an organisation to apply for loans for organisations or groups.

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