Where to Sell Old Clothes

Updated April 17, 2017

Selling old clothes that are still in good condition can benefit you and others. Check the clothes over thoroughly, because some places will only take very slightly worn clothing. It’s helpful to separate the cloths into normal wear and slightly worn before heading out to sell them. Of course, there are options for selling clothes in which the condition hardly matters. Here are some options for selling old clothes to help make the process simpler.

Have a yard sale. This is by far the easiest way to sell old clothes. Having a yard sale at your house lets you set the price and have total control. As long as the clothes aren’t torn or dirty, you can sell most anything at yard sales.

Check with consignment shops. Many towns have consignment shops that will take gently used clothes and sell them for you. The shop owner usually has a set commission that she receives for each piece of clothing. This is a great way to sell old clothes because many shops have regular customers.

Sell the clothes to thrift shops or second-hand stores. You won’t make a lot this way, but it is a quick way to sell the clothes. You also have the bonus of knowing people who really need clothes will get them.

Use eBay to sell your old clothes. As long as the clothes are in good condition, you can sell them on eBay. It is best to have pictures for this type of transaction so the buyer can see the actual condition of the clothing. This is a great way to sell baby clothes that you no longer need.

Organise a church sale. Churches have yard sales to help raise funds for renovations and such. Organise one to sell your clothes. Some of the proceeds will go to the church, but you will still make something off the clothes.

Ask friends if they need any of the clothes. Children often outgrow clothes quickly. The clothes have sometimes only been worn once or twice. If you have a friend that has children the clothes will fit, ask them if they would be interested in purchasing the clothes. It’s a way to help a friend on clothes expenses and make yourself a few dollars.

Decide on one option or combine a few to get the desired results. Some of the clothes you have for sale may be good for one option, while others work better for another. It doesn’t matter how many different ways it takes as long as you get the clothes sold.

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