How to Sell Vintage Clothing Online

Updated February 21, 2017

Selling a vintage item online is different than selling any other conventional product. When selling vintage clothing, you are selling to a specific audience or a niche group. There are two perspectives to take when selling vintage clothing. First, there are various outlets that can be used in selling the item. Secondly, there are different ways to accurately describe a vintage item, which is vital in generating sales for vintage clothing.

Auction off your item. Numerous auction websites sell vintage items.

Build your own e-commerce site. If you have more than a few items, you may want to start your own e-commerce site. This is a great idea if you plan on selling vintage items on a regular basis.

Find a non-auction vintage middleman. There are a few e-commerce sites that can sell your item and keep a portion of the profit.

Join online groups or circles. Find vintage niche groups. You can sell your item directly to a collector who is searching for a specific item. Be sure to use a legitimate middleman for monetary exchange.

Provide a label name.

Give a precise and accurate written description of the condition of the item. There are numerous ways to categorise your item. You can use the following descriptions: mint, near mint, excellent, very good, or good. Mint would be ideal, but as the scale of quality goes down, the items become less desirable.

Provide numerous pictures. Pictures will help the potential buyers inspect each item. The more certain the buyer is of the true condition, the less likely that returns will occur.

Provide measurements. Dimensions and garment measurements are also a vital numerical aspect in the descriptions.

Date the item. Estimate the era it is from. Aim for the accuracy of five years or less when mentioning the era of an item. Do your research and become familiar with the fashions of the era in order to date the item. For example, "Pre-1920" can be used to describe Edwardian fashions or older.

Provide a label name. Also, provide photographs of the label.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera
  • Scanner
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