How to dress for a baby christening

Updated April 17, 2017

A baby christening is a very special occasion. As with every other type of religious ceremony, it is important to make sure that one dresses properly when attending a baby christening. These tips will help you learn how to dress for the joyous event.

Look on the invitation to see if it says anything about attire. Sometimes the couple will provide information the same way that they would with a wedding invitation. Some of the different options will include casual, semi-formal, formal and white tie. Before you try to dress yourself it is important to at least check your invitation for this information.

Choose a dress or skirt and blouse if you are a woman. It is also acceptable to wear a pants suit when attending a christening. The most important thing that a woman should know is that she should avoid wearing jeans and a T-shirt for this type of religious ceremony. Try to wear the same type of attire that you would normally wear to a baby shower or bridal shower.

Make sure that you wear khakis and a button down shirt or a suit if you are a man. The most appropriate choice will really depend on what type of attire you will be required to wear. Men should also avoid wearing jeans and just a plain white T-shirt because this is not formal enough for just about any christening that you could possibly attend.

Select clothing that is appropriate for a church environment. Remember that you are going to be in church, so it is important to make sure that you do not wear anything too risky. Women should wear a blouse or dress that does not reveal any cleavage. Skirts and dresses should be knee length or longer. Men should try to avoid wearing shorts and should wear at least a T-shirt.

Wear clothing that is almost any other colour besides black. Remember that you are not attending a funeral, so there is no reason for you to dress gloomy. A christening is a very joyous occasion. Light or neutral colours are the best options for this type of event. It is acceptable to wear clothing that has a black design such as flowers on a sun dress. Other dark colours such as brown or navy blue, are a better choice than black.


When in doubt, ask the parents of the baby what you can or cannot wear. Avoid wearing flip-flops to a christening. Try not to take attention away from the ceremony by dressing too brightly. Sundresses should not be worn to a christening in winter.


Don’t be surprised if other people wear clothing that is not appropriate. People who have never been to a christening may not know how to dress for the occasion.

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