How to Use a Bow Maker

Updated February 21, 2017

There is something really special about a package beautifully wrapped and topped with a gigantic bow. Great packages have a huge, beautiful bow that you know someone worked on for hours. Or did they? If you have a bow maker, you can make colourful bows for all your packages, bows that will complement any kind of wrapping theme, and you can do it with very little effort. If you don’t own a bow maker, you can purchase one from a craft store or make your own.

Plan what kind wrapping paper and colours you’ll be using so you know what kind of bow to make. You don’t want to make something that doesn’t match, because you’ll just have to store it.

Set up your bow maker for the size of bow you need. Unless you’re doing it for special effects, it’s best not to put a giant bow on a small package, and a large package will be most attractive with a nice big bow.

Tape the end of your ribbon to the top peg in your bow maker. Don’t wrap the tape too tightly around the peg, or you’ll have trouble getting the ribbon off the bow maker.

Wrap your ribbon around the bottom peg on your bow maker and bring it back to your starting point. Take as many wraps as you think you’ll need for the size and volume of bow you’re making. It stands to reason that the more wraps you make, the larger your bow will be.

Cut the ribbon. Pinch the loops together in the middle; twist a small piece of wire around the middle of the ribbon loops. If you used wide ribbon, you may need to cut notches in each edge of your looped ribbon for the wire. Use the wire ends to attach the bow to your package.


Practice makes perfect. Don't expect a perfect bow on your first try. Experiment combining colours and widths of ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Bow maker
  • Ribbon
  • Thin wire
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