How to use a data transfer cable

Updated April 17, 2017

USB data transfer cables connect directly to two computers, eliminating the need to move data from one computer to the next via an external device such as a USB drive or CD. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are pre-packaged with data transfer applications, making the process smooth and simple. A number of vendors offer USB data transfer cable products and a male-male USB data transfer cable comes with transfer installation software. This software is only needed on older operating systems.

Power on both computers. The operating systems must be running smoothly on both.

Connect one end of the USB data transfer cable to a USB port on the computer you are transferring data to. The operating system recognises the new hardware and the type of attached cable.

Open the CD-ROM drive and insert the data transfer cable software disc. Install the software, if applicable.

Connect the other end of the USB data transfer cable to a USB port on the computer you're transferring the data from. Install the data transfer software, if applicable.

Click through the prompt windows. Make selections on the data to transfer and click "Finish" to start the transfer.

Wait for the transfer to complete. The time to transfer depends on the size of the data.

Click on the USB hardware icon in the taskbar and click "Eject." Click "OK" to stop the hardware. Disconnect one end of the USB cable. Repeat with the other computer and disconnect the other end.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 computers with USB ports
  • USB transfer cable
  • Transfer software (optional)
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