How to start a carpet cleaning business

Updated February 21, 2017

Carpet cleaning businesses are profitable, and you can market your services to residential and commercial customers. However, running a successful carpet cleaning business requires some knowledge. In addition, you'll need to have the necessary equipment to complete the job.

Choose a carpet cleaning business niche. In other words, consider the type of clients you want. Some carpet cleaners only accept commercial clients, where as other businesses only work with residential customers. Then again, some businesses aren't picky and service both types of clients.

Buy a franchise or start your own business. Franchises are ideal because they provide all the tools you need to succeed. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning franchises are costly. And if you don't have the available cash, it's best to start small and open your own business.

Apply for a business license. With any new start-up business, you'll need a license. Getting a business license is easy. Visit your local city hall, register the business name and pay a license fee.

Decide how to pay the start-up expenses. Every business has a start-up cost, whether expensive or cheap. There are several ways to find money for a carpet cleaning business. You can apply for a business loan, in which you'll need good credit and a business plan. Another option is to use your personal savings or a business credit card.

Purchase equipment and supplies. Before you can open your business, you need cleaning supplies and machines. Research different distributors. Look for shampoos, cleaning machines and dryers. Since many people are "going green," consider environmentally friendly products.

Hire a cleaning crew. Depending on how large you plan to grow the business, you may need to hire employees. Hire one or two helpers until the business grows, and then expand your staff as needed.

Advertise the carpet cleaning business. This is a competitive field. To attract customers you need an effective marketing campaign. To keep customers, you must offer great service.

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