How to Become a Marine Surveyor

A marine surveyor inspects, evaluates and appraises ships, yachts and fishing vessels to ensure that they meet government classification as well as society and international regulations. The marine surveyor also acts as an investigator and expert witness in the event of a marine accident. If you possess an inquisitive mind, excellent communication and customer service skills and a love for the sea, you meet the personal requirements for this position.

Apply to a school that offers a program to train marine surveyors and complete all of your courses. While anyone can claim to be a marine surveyor, organizations like the National Association of Marine Surveying (NAMS) work hard to make the profession honest and credible.

Contact the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) for information about the apprentice membership. NAMS certifies marine surveyors and offers a continuing education program.

Complete the screening and ethics examination process to start your tenure as an apprentice member of the NAMS for one year. As a NAMS apprentice member, you can train to become a marine surveyor and work under the care of a NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor.

Become an associate member of the NAMS after you complete the marine survey engagements for an apprentice member. This process prepares you for Certified Marine Surveyor (CMS) status in that you acquire the years of experience necessary to claim the title.

Move up to a CMS status once you fulfill the requirements for an associate member of NAMS. Once you reach this stage in the process, you're a professional marine surveyor with an adequate amount of experience in the industry.

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