How to Replace the Windshield-Washer Reservoir in a Honda Accord

If after filling up your Honda Accord's reservoir you discover there isn't any fluid, you can deduce that you have a leak and need to either fix or replace the reservoir. The part number you want will depend on the year of your Accord.

Order a new reservoir to replace the old one from the parts supplier for your Honda Accord. Some dealerships have parts available for purchase and may already have a replacement reservoir in stock; otherwise, ask them to order one for you. Buy discount parts from Car Parts Wholesale (see Resources) and use Part #CPWH370506 for 1990-1993 Accords, Part #CPWH370507 for 1994-1997 and Part #CPWH400901 for 1998-2002.

Turn the car off and remove the keys from the ignition. Pull the hood release handle that is located under the dashboard and to the left of the steering column in your Accord. Exit the car, walk around to the front, reach under the center of the hood and locate the auxiliary release latch. Twist it to the left to open the hood. Lift the support rod out of its restraining clip and put it into the appropriate hole to hold the hood open. If you're driving a 2008 V6 Accord, the hood will hold itself up.

Locate the blue-capped windshield washer fluid reservoir, which is on the left side of the Honda Accord's engine compartment beneath the red-capped power steering fluid reservoir.

Jack up your Accord and remove the right front tire. Then take off the front bumper. There are bolts on either side of the fender, two on the bottom and several on the top. With the bumper off, you have complete access to the windshield washer reservoir.

Take out the reservoir by removing the three different nuts attached to the reservoir. Then disconnect the hose and any other leads and unscrew the tank. You should then be able to lift the reservoir out of your Accord.

Install the new reservoir by screwing the tank into the assembly, attaching the hose, putting the nuts back in place and replacing the seals. After that is complete, reassemble the bumper by replacing the bolts described in Step 4, replace your tire and lower your Accord to the ground.


Check to see if the crack in your reservoir is not severe, so you can patch it rather than replacing the entire reservoir. To increase your chances of finding the leak, pour some washer fluid into the tank.


Make sure you put the bolts and hoses back exactly as you found them in your Accord.

Things You'll Need

  • New windshield washer reservoir
  • Wrench
  • Jack
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