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Written by randall shatto | 13/05/2017

Hotmail was one of the first Web-based e-mail programs. It is one of many available for free on the Internet, and competes with Gmail, AOL and Yahoo, among others. A Web-based e-mail system allow you to send and receive e-mail messages from any computer, anywhere, as long as that computer is connected to the Internet. To get a Hotmail e-mail address, you must first create a Hotmail account, which is free and takes only a few minutes.

Go to

Click on the "Sign Up" button.

Create your desired Hotmail e-mail address and enter it in the Hotmail Address field. Make up something that you, your friends and relatives can easily remember.

Type in a password and retype the password in the confirmation field. Create a password that has personal meaning to you alone, but is easy for you to remember. For a more secure password, use a combination of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters.

Fill in an alternate e-mail address so if you forget your Hotmail password, a representative can contact you with password reset information.

Type in your first and last name, the country in which you live, your zip code, your gender and your birth date.

Type the visual confirmation code, the unique characters you see next. This proves you are a real human being and not a computer program requesting an account.

Remove the check from the option box to receive promotions via e-mail if you do not wish to receive them.

Read the Agreement and Privacy Statement and, if you agree, click on "I Accept."


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