Great Ideas to Celebrate a 16th Birthday

Updated March 29, 2017

There are many ways to celebrate a sweet 16th birthday, from a large party to a special meal with family and friends. What you decide to do will depend upon your taste, personality and budget. Homemade or sentimental gifts are a great memento for a 16th birthday, be it a piece of jewellery or special keepsake to mark the occasion. The most important thing is that friends and family are there to celebrate.

Themed Party

Celebrate a sweet 16th birthday by holding a themed party. The party can be done to a strict budget or as extravagantly as you decide. For those with a limited budget, hold the party at home and get friends and family to help prepare the food. Alternatively, if you have a larger budget you may wish to rent a venue and have caterers provide the food. Theme ideas include famous movie stars, a specific colour, black tie and ball gowns or famous double acts. Just give your guests plenty of notice so they can make or rent a costume.

Boys or Girls Night In

If you decide not to have a big party, have a girls or boys night in. Invite your friends over to your house and plan the perfect night. Girls may wish to have a night of pampering and fun watching teen movies, eating cupcakes or wearing face masks. Boys can invite friends over to play sports, eat pizza or play computer games. Plan the perfect night in for you and friends by getting together and coming up with a list of ideas of fun things to do.

Family Meal

A birthday is a time to celebrate with family, so what better excuse to get the whole family together and share the occasion. A family meal is good way to bring together family of all ages who may feel left out in a noisy party environment. The meal could take place at a favourite restaurant or at home. The birthday meal can be as upmarket or informal as you choose, from a sit-down banquet to a relaxed buffet at home. Include a surprise birthday cake with 16 candles on it so the whole family can sing the birthday song.

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