How to Know if She Wants to be More Than Just Friends

Trying to decide if a friend wants to be more than simply friends can be difficult. Sometimes, starting a relationship with a girl who is a friend puts your friendship in danger. Because of this, it is very important to decide if you want to put your friendship at risk to be more than just friends with a girl.

Pay attention to her reactions to you when you are with her. A girl who wants to be more than just friends will usually try to stay close to you. Read her body language. Girls usually smile a lot around boys they like.

Think about her availability when you need support. If she always answers your phone calls, replies to your text messages and shows up at important events in your life, chances are, she wants to begin a relationship with you.

Consider the way she acts when you are around other girls. Jealousy is an almost sure sign that the girl you like wants to be more than just friends. She may get an upset look on her face or try to jump into every conversation that you have with other girls if she is jealous of the attention you are showing the other girl.

Talk to your mutual friends. Ask them what they think. Sometimes people who are around both of you will know how she feels or they may be able to see signs of the girl's admiration for you that you miss.

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