How to Make Lavender Mist Spray

Updated April 17, 2017

The delicate scent of lavender is more than a pleasant fragrance. Lavender also possesses numerous healing benefits. A lavender spray is a marvellous way to enjoy all the assets of lavender with a simple spritz. You can use it on your skin, as a natural air freshener, spray it on pillows and linens and more. Some key benefits of lavender include helping to reduce stress and tension; promoting restful sleep; uplifting moods and it serves as a healing agent for the skin. It also helps to soothe insect bites and even repels insects.

Choose 100 per cent pure essential lavender oil because only this offers health benefits. The label will state "100 per cent pure." It is available at both health food stores and online.

Prepare the mist spray bottle. Fill the bottle with 4 fluid ounces (or 120ml) of purified water. If you would like to make a larger batch, simply increase the proportions, such as doubling or tripling the amounts. The mist spray will last.

Add 40 drops of the lavender essential oil to the water. Cap the bottle and shake well to mix ingredients.

Use as needed. Usually 2 or 3 spritzes are sufficient for what you’ll be using it for, but it’s OK to use more.


Note that lavender used in small amounts is calming but, if utilised in large amounts, it can be a stimulant. Do a quick test spray to make sure the bottle sprayer is releasing a fine mist and not a stream of liquid. Store the mist bottle in a cool, dark place to protect the contents. As the mist ages in the bottle it will grow stronger.

Things You'll Need

  • Pure essential lavender oil
  • Mist spray bottle (4 fluid ounces)
  • Purified water
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