How to sell gold from electronic scrap

Gold is used in many things including electronics. And, while it is easier to sell gold from scrap rings or bracelets, you can actually turn a better profit by selling electronic scrap for gold.

Collect electronic scrap. You will find it is fairly easy to collect electronic scrap because many people will be willing to give you their old computers and electronic equipment. You may need to advertise that you buy old electronics but most of the time word of mouth will keep you stocked.

Sort the scrap for gold. Once you have the electronics, you will need to sort the gold pieces out and scrap the rest. This takes some time and learning but you will see that there are gold bonding wires, gold electroplating, gold film, and more. Separate all the gold from the rest of the electronics and then prepare the gold to be sent to the buyer.

Send the gold electronic scrap to a gold buyer. There are many gold buyers in New York and other places in the country that will buy your gold electronic scrap for a good price. If you really want to make a lot of money then you need to learn how to separate the gold from the wires, electroplating, and the like. In the meantime, though, you can sell what you have to make some money.

Start the process over again. Once you have done the process once then you are ready to start over again. And, if you keep it up for long, you could eventually support yourself from selling scrap electronic gold.


Research the electronics that have the most gold.


You won't get rick quick, but it's a nice addition to your income.

Things You'll Need

  • Electronic scrap
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