How to set up an internet cafe

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to set up an Internet cafe, then you will have to take some of these steps to guarantee that it will work out ok. An Internet cafe is a good company to start and it can bring in some major revenue if you know how to run it well and have a technical person on your team. Learn how to set up an Internet cafe.

Find an area to create your Internet cafe. Try to rent a space in a high traffic area and then build from there. It might be good to rent a place close to restaurants and tourist areas. Do some market research and make sure there is a demand for this service in this area.

Raise money for your new venture. An Internet cafe does require quite a bit of initial setup costs and you will want to make sure you have enough money. Create a detailed business plan to present to the bank if you want to take out a small business loan.

Choose which Internet service provider you will use for your Internet cafe. Some providers are better than others. Decide if you want to use wi-fi connection or another type of high speed access, since dialup will be too slow and cumbersome for most users.

Buy the equipment you need for your Internet cafe. You will need computers, networking equipment, cables, chairs, tables and other office furniture for your Internet cafe. Decide how you want to set up your space, and decorate it nicely to attract more customers, perhaps with a theme.

Hire a technical whiz to help you connect your modems, set up the Internet connections and protect your computers from viruses. Install all of your equipment and then make sure you the office items and machines needed for customer use.

Make sure you have some sort of security system to protect your computers and valuables. Get security cameras and a strong alarm to protect your Internet cafe.


Decide if you want to provide food, drinks or snacks. Maybe you want to add other office services, like faxing, copying, etc. Perhaps you will simply offer high speed access for laptops, and only keep a few PCs for people without laptops. Consider either the Kinkos or Starbucks business model. Make sure the electrical system can handle heavy usage from many computers. Otherwise, you may need to hire an electrician to help.

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