How to Make a Darts Scoreboard

Updated February 21, 2017

Since Medieval England, the game of darts has been used for many different reasons. From combat training to pub games, darts have been a part of people's lives for years. With numbers being added to the dart board in 1896, a score keeping method was devised.

Write your name and your opponent's name at the top of the board, leaving space for a downward column to the left of the first name.

Draw a line directly under the names.

Draw a line straight down between the two names. The line should reach to the bottom of the paper/dry erase board.

Draw a line from the top of the scoreboard to the bottom, starting directly to the left of the first name and going straight down.

Going downwards (in the column created by the far left line) list the numbers 14-20, followed by a "B" for "bullseye."

Draw lines going from the left of the board to the right side separating each of the numbers and the "B."

Play your darts game, marking each time you hit one of the numbers on the scoreboard.


If playing a game other than "Three's Company," you can mark down whichever numbers you wish, or even mark them all down on the board.

Things You'll Need

  • Piece of paper for score keeping or a dry erase board
  • Any colour pen or marker (for dry erase board)
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