How to get paid for recycling

Updated July 05, 2018

Many people don't know that you can actually get paid to recycle. The amount you can make really depends on the state you live in. There are also many different things you can recycle. To learn what they are and how you can get paid for them read this article.

Know the benefits of recycling cans. Some states pay five to ten cents per can. These states will be listed on the cans to check the cans out. If there is no listing for your state don't worry. Almost every state pays per lb. for the cans. Although every state is different, the average pay is 35 cents per lb. To get paid for recycling your cans get out your phone book. Look up your local recycling agencies and give them a call. Take your cans to the company that is offering you the most per lb. or per can.

Recycle cell phones. There is a site called Sell Your Cell that will buy your phone from you to recycle and sell to another customer. They pay between £3 and £130 per phone, but they say the average is £16. They do buy most phones, but in case your phone isn't among those that they accept there is another place for you to turn. The site is called Cell for Cash. They send you a postage paid envelope. Place your cell phone in there and send it back. When they receive your phone they will send you a check.

Recycle boxes. If you go through a lot of cardboard boxes, don't just throw them away. There is a site that actually pays you for your cardboard boxes. It is called Used Cardboard Boxes. If you work at a company than you can ask them if you can keep their boxes and arrange to sell them at this site. If you just have one or two boxes laying around, it isn't really worth it, but if you work somewhere or know someone who has a lot of cardboard boxes you could make some nice extra money on the side.

Recycle old computer software. The site We Buy Soft buys even older titles, excess software or incomplete packages. They provide you with a quote within 24 hours of your request. So it's worth it to give them a call if you have any old or extra software or programs laying around your home office. It's better to sell them and recycle them than to just throw them away.

Recycle old golf balls. Are you an avid golfer? Do you collect lost golf balls on the coarse? This site buys old golf balls in bulk. So you can't just sell one or two, you must have a bunch. The best part is that you get to e-mail them and make an offer. When you make an offer make sure you put in there that they pay the shipping costs or it will take away from your profit. Their website is called Only Golf Balls.


Be sure to check out "Recycling" in your phone book. There may be companies listed that you never even knew existed. Be sure to do a quick Internet search of whatever type of item you want to recycle. Chances are there is someone, somewhere who is willing to pay for what you have.


Don't throw away unwanted items. Try to find someone else who is collecting cans and give them yours.

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