How to Fold a Towel Swan

Towel folding is becoming popular, especially on cruise ships and in hotels, and it makes your stay memorable. Children love towel animals, and people may think it's hard to fold a towel animal, but it's not. Impress friends and family by making this towel swan.

Lay a bath towel flat on a table or the floor. Take the corners and the edges and fold them toward the center to form a triangle.

Roll the edges tightly toward the center until they meet in the middle. Being sure that the point of the triangle is on top to form the head, fold the scroll into a Z shape. Shape the towel to look like a swan.

Make another swan by following Steps 1 and 2. Make sure the towels are the same thickness so that the swans turn out to be the same size. Place the swans together beak-to-beak and squeeze them to form a heart shape.


To add a tail to the swan, take a hand towel and fold it like a paper fan and place it at the swan's back. Fold a another hand towel in the paper fan shape for the second swan. If you want to do a seven swans a swimming display for The Twelve Days of Christmas, fold seven white bath towels in the swan shapes, fold seven white bath cloths in the fan shape for tails and place light-blue hand towels under the swans to represent water.

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