How to Make Ballet Skirts

Well-made ballet skirts can make any girl or dancer feel graceful and attractive. Juliet ballet skirts are flowing garments that give a graceful feel and can look good on virtually anyone. A handful of easy steps can enable you to make as many ballet skirts as you want.

Unroll the tulle and lay it flat on your floor. Fold the fabric into thirds width-wise so that you have one long piece. The bottom third should be folded up first.

Pin the layers together across the top with the quilters pins. The top portion will comprise the waistband seam.

Sew a 1-inch seam along the top edge of your folded fabric. Do this with your sewing machine.

Bring the ends of the long tube together. Arrange the skirt so that the inner layer of tulle is on the inside, creating a skirt liner.

Use your sewing machine to sew the short sides together. Be sure you are sewing all layers together so that no layers slip away from the seam. Stop short of sewing shut the waistband.

Cut off the edges that are in excess. At this point, your skirt should be inside-out.

Attach the large safety pin to one end of your elastic band. Thread the safety pin through the opening in the waistband of the skirt. Bring it all the way through the to the other opening.

Sew the elastic ends together after cutting off any excess.

Spread out the tulle evenly on the elastic band. The tulle should be distributed evenly all the way around.


Tulle is a fabric that hides mistakes very well. You can make your skirt without being perfect because if your edges don't match up just right, no one will likely notice! The pocket created in this skirt helps give it a full effect. To decorate the skirt, you can add silk flowers or leaves in this skirt pocket before you sew it shut. View an example of a simple, yet pretty, juliet ballet skirt at Sew Blessed (see Resources below). Experiment with different types of tulle. Some fabrics have a shiny appearance, which can add to the full look of the skirt.


Keep the elastic band from twisting when you thread it through the waistband.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • 4 yards of tulle
  • Thread
  • 1/2-inch elastic band that is one inch longer than your waist
  • Large safety pin
  • Quilter pins
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