How to mix paint colours into brown

Updated February 21, 2017

The primary colours are red, yellow and blue, and every other paint colour that we use is derived by mixing these three paint colours in one way or another. Brown is one colour that you can create by mixing all three primary colors. However, there are many other ways to get brown, and there are a few tricks to know that can help you get the best quality colour of paint.

Refer to a colour wheel, which will help you determine primary colours as well as secondary and tertiary colours. The colours you choose to mix will make different tones of brown, and the colour wheel will help you as you make your selection.

Mix one primary colour with its complementary colour. Red and green are complementary colours, so when you mix them together you get brown. Other complementary colours are orange and blue as well as purple and yellow.

Add one secondary colour to two primary colours. Mix yellow and blue paints to make green. Add red paint to that green paint to make brown.

Find opposite colours on the colour wheel. Mix the two opposites together to make brown paint.

Combine orange paint with red paint. Mix them thoroughly, and then add a touch of black paint. This makes a deep brown paint that's very versatile.

Darken your brown paint by adding a little bit of black paint to your mixture. You can also lighten your brown paint when you add white. This can make your brown paint the colour of chocolate milk.

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