How to Get a Summer Job at Universal Studios

Get a job at one of the two Universal Studios locations within the United States: Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida. Long known as a hot spot for tours of popular movie sets, Universal also has several accompanying restaurants, rides and activities that can provide you with a unique place to earn money during the summer.

Start your job search early. Even though the movie-based park hires year round, it's a good idea to get the first pick of the best summer jobs. If you simply want to be a server or ticket-taker, you won't have a problem meeting tough application deadlines, but if you want to go behind the scenes working on a backstage lot or as an entertainer, don't procrastinate.

Select a job as a wardrobe attendant at Universal Studios. For this type of job, a worker provides guests and performers with garments and accessories for tours, interactive activities and shows. To be considered for such a job, you should be professional, courteous and fast. Wardrobe attendants can also help to organize the clothing and operate a computerized tracking system.

Get a summer job driving a shuttle bus at Universal Studios. Use your people skills and comic timing to make transporting guests to and from the studio's lots a fun and enjoyable experience. To apply for this job, you will need a driver's license, but to get the job you'll need good communication and public speaking skills.

Check out the websites for both of the Universal theme parks. Each site has a streamlined, automated employment application process, which provides a quick and efficient way to gather information. Find job opportunities available at the websites for Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood (see Resources below).

Start the application process. You will need to create a code and password to submit your information. Review the online privacy policy, dress code and appearance guidelines to work at the park. After that, you will be able to see a series of results in the job queue for all of the open positions.


Universal offers guest service positions at their operating facilities, landscaping and groundskeepers jobs, as well as technical and trade jobs.

Things You'll Need

  • Driver's license
  • Job references
  • User code and password
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