How to plan a romantic scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day

Updated February 21, 2017

A romantic scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day is a creative way to recharge your relationship. Your partner will feel special because of the effort you put into your plan. A few easy ideas can help you plan a creative and romantic scavenger hunt she will never forget.

Plan a theme for the romantic scavenger hunt. All the clues should tie together somehow or relate to some aspect of your relationship together. While this theme can vary, it should also be related to Valentine's Day.

Determine the path for your scavenger hunt. Make sure the path can be safely walked or driven, and that it will take an appropriate amount of time to get through.

Write down answers to romantic questions that will lead your partner to various stages on the scavenger hunt. In other words, the answer to each question should be a hint of the next place on the hunt.

Enlist certain people along the scavenger hunt to help out. For example, a waiter at a restaurant may bring a clue over to the dinner table, or your friend may get involved. Just make sure your helpers can keep a secret.

Choose paper that is red, pink or somehow reminiscent of Valentine's Day. This paper will contain the clues at each stop. Use matching envelopes.

Ensure that the paper on which you write your clues or notes is tough enough to withstand the weather. It will be frustrating to retrieve a clue only to find it can't be read. A good idea is to place the paper inside a sealed plastic baggie.

Have the scavenger hunt end in a romantic spot, perhaps a getaway you've reserved for the night and have stocked with red wine, flowers, glorious foods and Valentine's Day decorations. Or it can just end in a place that is dear to you, such as the store where you first met or the bench where you first asked her out. You can leave one last clue at this destination, one that leads your mate to a Valentine's Day gift.


Be sure your clues or hints are easy enough to figure out. The last thing you want is your partner wandering around lost or unsure of the next location.


As romantic as it may sound, putting rose or other flower petals on furniture (particularly the bed) will leave an oily residue.

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