How to Report Cyber Crimes

The age of computers has opened up numerous possibilities. We can connect with others across the globe in seconds with a few simple keystrokes. However, these advancements have lead to a string of new types of crimes. Cyber crimes can include anything from spam to serious charges of child pornography and weapons trafficking. If you are aware of a cyber crime, it is your duty to report it. Read on to learn how to report cyber crimes.

Get together as many details about the cyber crime as you can. The more information that you can give the authorities, the more helpful you can be to the case.

Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This center was developed with the help of the FBI and makes reporting cyber crimes an easier task.

Fill out the complaint form on the Internet Crime Complaint Center's website. After you fill out the form, you'll be e-mailed a case number. The matter will be investigated through the center and they will update you on the status.

Call your local police department. If you are unsure of whom exactly you should report the cyber crime to, give the police a call and get their advice. If it is a criminal matter, they'll likely handle it.

See if the cyber crime that you are reporting is a FBI matter. Local FBI offices usually handle cases of Internet harassment, Internet bomb threats and cases of Internet child pornography.


Don't call the police about minor cyber crimes. They may not appreciate it if you call them about excessive spam in your inbox. Spam problems can usually be handled by your email provider. If you feel that you are in serious danger due to a cyber crime, call the police immediately or dial 911.

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