How to Make a Macrame Bracelet

Making a macrame bracelet can be as easy as mastering the square knot. You probably have already tied the square knot hundreds of times in your life. So find some nice string and about five beads and you can make a macrame bracelet. Here's how.

Measure two pieces of string. Cut one 12 times the length you want your bracelet and the other 2.5 times as long as the length you want your bracelet. Fold the two lengths of string in half. You'll have a loop at the top and the loose ends below.

Tie a knot at the top, leaving a loop big enough to slip one of the beads through. The bead and the loop will secure the bracelet around your wrist. Secure the looped end on the small nail on the macrame board.

Pull the strings taut, and arrange the shorter strings to the center and the longer strings to the outside. Now begin making square knots. This is a very simple knot that you probably learned in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

Look in a macrame book about how to make square knots for macrame if you don't remember. You can use the plain version or the spiral version for a macrame bracelet.

Place a bead every 1.5 inches or so and continue with the square knots.

Finish the bracelet by placing a final bead at the end of your bracelet when you have reached your desired length. The bead will fit snugly into the loop at the other end of the macrame bracelet.

Tie a secure knot after the bead and cut the ends of the string of the bracelet about an inch out from the bead.

Things You'll Need

  • A small wooden board with a nail at the top
  • Jute or other macrame string
  • Six small beads
  • Scissors
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