How to Buy a Sword Cane

Sword canes are both a fashion statement and a personal security tool. Disguised as a simple or elaborate walking cane or walking stick, the sword cane is available at a moment's notice when danger strikes. Simply pull the sword out of its cane sheath and give an attacker a fight he didn't expect using a classy sword cane. Sword canes come in a variety of styles; here's how to shop for your own cane sword.

Browse the sword cane selection at Kopes online. This company's sword cane collection includes a Paul Chen Dog Head Sword Cane, a Dragon's Claw Sword Cane, Mermaid Sword Cane and more. Prices range from less than $30 up to $170. There's a sword cane for every budget at Kopes.

Find a Skull Head Sword Cane or Staff by Paul Chen at Swords Direct. You can also find a Cobra Head Sword Cane hiding a 17 inch stainless steel blade.

Find handcrafted sword canes made by Burger Knives at Sword Canes, where prices range from $360 to over $1,000 for a cane sword of exceptional quality. The Ti Stiletto Cane hides a deadly 12-inch dagger, which is ideal for close combat situations.

Head over to the Red Dragon Sword Cane company, where the Fierce Dragon Sword Cane awaits your inspection. This particular sword cane is almost three feet long and hides a stainless steel blade.

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