How to shave pubic hair

Updated February 21, 2017

While shaving pubic hair may seem trendy, it has actually been a common practice in many cultures since the days of Ancient Rome. Shaving your pubic hair may have many advantages, both hygienic and aesthetic, and by carefully preparing for the shave, you can ensure that the process will be easy, as well as nick-free.

Use the proper type of razor to shave your pubic hair in order to avoid cuts or nicks. A cheap disposable razor with a single blade may catch on the tougher hairs, causing quite a bit of pain. A multi-bladed razor with a moisturizing strip on the head will work better, and a ladies' safety razor may be even more effective.

Pick the right type of shaving gel or cream to shave your pubic hair. Many foams or creams designed for men's faces may not provide enough lubrication and protection for some women's private areas. Look for a shaving gel that contains moisturizers like aloe vera or vitamin E.

Cut off pubic hair longer than a quarter of an inch with scissors or an electric beard trimmer. Using a razor on untrimmed pubic hair will be painful and even dangerous, since the razor will continually catch and tug. Using the closest setting on a hair trimmer will ensure that the shaving process will go as smoothly as possible.

Soak in a hot tub or shower with hot water for a few minutes before you shave your pubic hair. This will help to open the pores of the skin and soften hair follicles, making it easier for the hair to be removed.

Shave your pubic hair by applying a generous amount of shaving cream or gel, moving the razor against the direction in which your pubic hair grows. Use one hand to pull your skin taut, and the other to gently apply the razor. Remember to rinse the blades after every couple of strokes.

Rinse the area thoroughly after you are done, using cooler water that will help to close the pores and follicles, reducing the chance of irritation.

Apply lotion or oil with such ingredients as aloe vera or vitamin E to the shaved area. This will help to soothe your skin after the shave, and to reduce the chance of pimples or razor burn.


Using shampoo and conditioner on your pubic hair before shaving may soften coarse hair and make the entire process a bit easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Electric beard trimmer
  • Shaving cream or gel
  • Razor
  • Warm water
  • Lotion
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